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Oak Within
WINNER of the 'Best use of British Timber award 2016'

This is the sideboard that won me my first awards and featured in issue 239 of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine (July 2016 edition). The awards are the 'Alan Peters Award for Excellence 2016' which is based on the design, use of timber and craftsmanship for new designer makers and the other is 'Best Use of British Timber 2016'. It was exhibited at the Celebration of Craftsmanship in Cheltenham, August 2016. 

Woods used: Ripple Sycamore and Oak

Width:   1325mm   (52 1/4")

Depth:   450mm   (17 3/4")

Height:   810mm   (32")

I am proud to offer the Oak Within sideboard for sale. It is constructed using both traditional and modern furniture making techniques. The benefit of using modern materials means seasonal wood movement is less of an issue, allowing for more adventurous and unique design. 


There are 6 large traditionally made, piston-fitted drawers along with 2 doors both with an adjustable shelf in each. The doors latch using small rare earth magnets that never quite touch, allowing them to easily open without the strong grip of the magnets touching. Also due to the tight door and drawer gaps, when shutting the doors, even firmly, a cushion of air stops the door from slamming and the magnet then softly pulls it securely shut. See the video at the bottom of the page to see it in action (Desktop / laptop only). The interior is very finely sanded but left untreated. This creates and releases the aromatic smell of fresh hardwood every time a door or drawer is opened. Part of the beauty of real wood is the look, feel and smell. By oiling wood you do loose the natural smell which I believe is so important to the character of a piece. 


Due to a lack of space to showcase it safely, I have decided to sell and hope to find a home it deserves to be in. Ever since the exhibition in 2016, it has been very securely stored under wraps and away from sunlight and moisture. 


If you are looking for a highly crafted, one-off piece of wooden furniture with exceptional attention to detail, then please consider the Oak Within sideboard. It will certainly be a conversation piece and something that will for sure last generations to come. 

Please message me for any queries and pricing using the contact form here

Delivery will be done by myself. 

Oak Within Sideboard Ripple Sycamore
Wooden drawer dovetails finger pull
fine furniture bespoke woodwork
lapped dovetail joint
finger pull detail in oak
sycamore dovetailed drawer back
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Oak Within Sideboard
Oak Within Sideboard construction
Oak Within Sideboard curves
Drawer in Sideboard
Oak Within Sideboard
Oak Within Sideboard
Oak Within Sideboard
Dovetails fine furniture
Oak Within Sideboard
Oak Within Sideboard
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