Games Boxes

These are two games boxes featuring a chess board on the base and backgammon board on the lid along with a drawer for each player. It was a project that was designed to push the boundaries a little and have some fun experimenting with. 


Simple at first sight yet structurally complex inside.


Check out the video at bottom of page. (desktop / laptop only)

Woods used: Bubinga, Sycamore and Ebonised Oak

Chess board box by Chris Wiseman
Wooden Backgammon board
Bubinga Games Box Chess board
Bubinga Games Box
Bubinga dovetail Games Box
Bubinga wooden Games Box
Chess board marquetry inlay
Wooden backgammon board
Bubinga dovetail Games Box
Ebonised Oak Games Box Starburst
End grain ebonised oak Chris Wiseman
Black ebonized Oak. Starburst
Black Games Box
Chess board. Ripple Sycamore and Oak
Starburst sycamore chess board
Black Games Box, dovetailed drawers
Wood backgammon board Chris Wiseman
Black Games Box
United Kingdom
Wiseman Woodworks
Chris Wiseman