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Chris Wiseman


Welcome to my site and to the portfolio of my work. I am a fine woodworker that loves to design and make unique, high-end and hand-crafted pieces. My attention to small and hidden details is what separates my work from many others and I hope this is evident to you when you navigate my site and see my work. 

My greatest piece to date, named ‘Oak Within’, is available for sale and is what won me my first award at the Celebration of Craftsmanship 2016. In fact it actually won two awards that day. The first and most prestigious was the ‘Alan Peters Award for Excellence’ (Now called the 'New Talent Award'). An award given to young makers in the name of the highly talented and renowned Alan Peters, that show very high levels of craftsmanship and design. The second award was the  ‘Best Use of British Timber Award’ of which it won gold! You can find out more about this piece in the portfolio tab above. 

I trained alongside the acclaimed furniture makers at Waters & Acland in the beautiful English Lake district. Today they are known and respected world wide for pushing the boundaries of furniture making and passing their wealth of knowledge onto their students. It was there that I came to realise true craftsmanship at its highest level and its left a lasting impression on me.

I welcome you to take a moment to explore my site and to see in detail some of the pieces that I have made. Each piece is unique and has been quite the design challenge. Design is so often overlooked in furniture making but is ultimately what makes a piece standout and have people stop and admire it rather than simply having it blend into part of a room.


It’s rare these days to own something that is truly hand-crafted and not part of the modern disposable culture. I am one of the few that create such items that will last a lifetime.

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